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Prison and Jail Ministry:

Steps to Becoming a Volunteer in Corrections

People from all walks of life can be good volunteers. We need level-headed people who are willing to share their faith, training and experience with inmates. Below is a list of steps to become a Volunteer in Corrections.

  1. Meet with a staff member from the Life & Justice Office to determine best suited volunteer position to match your interests and skill sets with DOC chapel and other programming needs.

  2. Complete an Application for Facility Access form and visit with the Chaplain and/or the Resident/Inmate Activity Coordinator at the facility in which you'll be a volunteer.

  3. Once approved, complete a Volunteer/Intern application from the Department of Corrections.

  4. Include a letter of reference from your sponsoring outside religious organization with the application.

  5. The application and reference letter should be sent to the institution where you wish to serve. The Institutional Activity Coordinator (IAC) in cooperation with the Chaplain will review the application, conduct a background check and contact you for a follow-up interview..