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The Office of Life & Justice originates from the Respect Life and Human Rights Offices. The combined approach to the Office allows us to address a variety of topics, all interconnected and based on the sanctity and dignity of the human person, from conception to natural death. Below you can explore many of the issues we address within our community. This list is not exhaustive. Click on any of them to learn more. 

Original - Abortion_edited_edited.jpg
Original - Adoption_edited_edited.jpg
Original - Contraception_edited_edited.j
Original - Criminal Justice_edited_edite
Original - Death Penalty_edited_edited.j
Original - Economic Justice_edited_edite
Original - Education_edited_edited.jpg
Original - Euthanasia_edited_edited.jpg
Original - Fetal Development_edited_edit
Original - Human Trafficking_edited_edit
Original - Immigration_edited_edited.jpg
Original - Mental Health_edited_edited.j
Original - Non-Violence_edited_edited_ed
Original - Post-Abortion_edited_edited.j
Original - Racism_edited_edited.jpg
Original - Religious Freedom_edited_edit
Original - Reproductive Technology_edite
Original - Stem Cells and Cloning_edited
Original - Stewardship of Creation_edite

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