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Missouri Pro-Abortion Ballot
2024 Updates and Resources

Thank you for visiting this page specially developed to respond to the current threats to right to life of preborn children and the well-being of their mothers in the state of Missouri. 

Pro-abortion groups in the state of Missouri are attempting to put forth a ballot measure to amend the Missouri Constitution and legalize abortion through ALL stages of pregnancy. Such a measure, if passed by Missouri voters, would place a right to abortion in the state constitution and would nullify all current state pro-life and parental notification laws.
(Updated 4/9/2024)

See signature gatherers? Call 417.413.4134

Local Ministries and Resources

Gabriel Project: supports women with a friend for the journey

Walking with Moms in Need: parish-based ministry to assist pregnant mothers

Knights of Columbus: Aid and Support After Pregnancy (ASAP) and the Meet Life program support pregnancy resource centers, including providing ultrasound equipment

Catholic Charities: Moms Empowerment Program: equips mothers with knowledge and material support


For more community resources and ministry opportunities, please visit our Resources page.

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