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In Dignitatis Humanae, the Vatican Council Fathers explained that the foundation of the principle of religious freedom is rooted in the dignity of the human person, who is endowed with reason and free will, and therefore able to take responsibility for his or her actions. Religious freedom is identifiable both through reason and divine revelation; it exists to allow human persons to fulfill their obligation to seek God and must be a civil or constitutional right. The document explains that freedom to practice religion is not relativism – there is one way to salvation, through Jesus Christ.


Facts & Figures

Check out these one-page fact sheets for more information on threats to religious liberty at home and abroad:
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     Why We Need a Health Care Conscience Rights Act   |  en Español
     Marriage and Religious Freedom  |  en Español
     Discrimination Against Catholic Adoption Services   |  en Español
     Discrimination Against Catholic Humanitarian Services   |  en Español
     Discrimination Against Christian Students on Campus   |    en Español
     Discrimination Against Small Church Congregations   |  en Español
     Providing Pastoral Care to Immigrants    |   en Español

Church Documents

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